Five Keys for Tenant Screening

Inform the Applicants about Tenant Screening

Before starting off with tenant screening, it is important to inform applicants that screening is compulsory. Just learning that there is a screening process is sure to eliminate potentially bad tenants, thus saving you valuable time.

Screen Consistently

A comprehensive and systematic tenant screening process for all your potential tenants will protect you in case an applicant makes claims that you have made violations against the Fair Housing Act.

Deciding Minimum Qualification

As the owner of a property in NYC, you are expected to pick a tenant who will give you no trouble with regards to payment of rent or other issues. Decide whether you want tenants who have criminal records, or if such applicants must refrain from applying regardless of how long back they were arrested for whatever reason. Think in detail what kind of tenant you would like before starting with the screenings.

Credit Checks

Once your applicants have met your prior requirements, run a credit check to ensure that they will be able to meet rent and bill payments on time. Get the report directly from the applicant’s credit reported to make sure that there are no shenanigans.


Check References

Calling the present or past landlords of an individual will help you determine whether or not an applicant is worthy of your space. Personal and employment references will help you know more about the person, thus enabling you to make an informed decision regarding the outlet of your rental space.

Ten Things You Must Do To Keep A Great Tenant

Be Responsive

Good tenants are important for effective building management. Being responsive when your tenant has any problem can help build a bond that will keep the tenant around for a while.

Address Problems Immediately

No one likes to wait, so make sure that any of your tenant’s concerns are addressed immediately as keeping him/her waiting can aggravate them.

Try to Please Them

Apart from attending to their concerns, you can please your tenant by sending sweets, or occasionally chatting with them to help them feel more comfortable.

Use Quality Appliances and Materials

Tenants are happier when they live in surroundings where there are quality things. Compromising on the quality of appliances may make them think that your rental property is not good enough.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

Attending to all units regularly will ensure that your tenants do not have any problems in this regard, thereby keeping them happy with your rental property.

Maintain Contact

The relationship between you and your tenant can be a little more friendly than average. Drop in once in a while to say ‘Hello,’ or invite them to group activities and suchlike.

Respect Your Tenant’s Privacy

Give your tenants the privacy they need and make sure that you keep out of their business at inappropriate hours.

Choose Wisely

During the screening process, make sure you get all the details of the applicants and that you assess them before letting out your property. During the interview, confirm with the applicant the duration of the rent.

Honor the Contract

If you make any promises to your tenants, make sure that they materialise as the tenant can sue you if you do not keep up the contract.

Changes in Rent

Do not increase the rent too often. Increments must be made based on the market and not personal choice.